The R&D tax mystery

Posted by Joanne Warren 27 March 2018 11:55 AM

There’s a place somewhere. Deep in a dark forest, perpetually surrounded by mist. The branches of the evergreen trees keep this secret location under constant cover from the sun. A fire rages. Two people make eye contact over the flames. They are thinking the same thing. Both want to be the first to say it. The tension in the air is palpable. The fire crackles. A crow flies low overhead and all of the people present raise their heads upwards to see the creature swoop.

Heads lower and concentration returns to the matter in hand. The thought has gone from the mind of the two temporarily. But a few short seconds later it is back. They say in unison –

“How about the employer’s National Insurance contributions?” 


Welcome to the Harlands R&D tax credits department. This mystical art is practised by the team through the day and night. They look deep into the fire for inspiration. Each client needs a different formula for success. Each time they are asked to come up with the goods, the R&D tax team perform a dance, chant incantations and pray to the God of tax for answers. He always delivers.

On occasion, a sacrifice needs to be made. They throw an old tax calculation book on the fire. The flames rise as high as a building and then die down as they consume the figures. From the embers, the team can read the message that the fire has left. It offers all the answers they need.

The mystery deepens

There are many people out there that think this is how tax R&D tax works. It looks like a mystical art from the outside. You would be forgiven for thinking that the Harlands team operate in this way. If you do a little research on R&D tax, then you might get weighed down by terms such as –

  • An advance in the field
  • Overcome uncertainty
  • Explain the uncertainties involved
  • Deduct 130% of the qualifying costs

But these are meat and drink to our R&D tax team. We have been making claims on behalf of our clients for years – and made claims of over £1 million last year. We look for answers in this place that many others think is mystical and imaginary.


Looking at the whole claim

One of the things that really makes us stand out from other R&D providers is the fact that we look for the whole claim. We have worked with clients in the past who haven’t believed in the mystical world of R&D tax. They have made a claim with another provider and found that it wasn’t worth the effort.

The issue was that they didn’t have the right guide to this mystical world. Harlands have walked through the dark forest so many times before, that we know every turn. We can help you to see the wood from the trees. It’s like trying to climb Mount Everest without the help of a Sherpa. Don’t go into something like this without someone who has been through it all before. It doesn’t have to be a mystery. Let Harlands guide you to success.


And what does that success look like?

If you don’t know anything about R&D tax, then you might think that success is small. If you think it is a dark, mystical art to get money back from the HMRC, then speak to us. The average size of a claim we make is over £35k, so your definition of R&D tax success might already be changing as you read this sentence.

We have a 100% success rate with R&D tax claims, so you don’t have to worry about how it will go. Walk with us for a short while. You don’t have to visit us in the dark forest, or even our office in Annfield Plain. We can come to you and find out what parts of your business are eligible for an R&D tax claim. After that, it can take as little as 6 weeks for the money to be back in your business.

The world of R&D tax claims doesn’t have to be one of mystery and intrigue. There are answers out there if you know where to look. We are here to help you get your hands on the cash that the tax man has set aside specifically for UK companies. Don’t get lost in the forest – let us be your guide.

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