Are your employees more qualified than you?

Posted by Phil Murray 16 August 2019 10:43 AM

Being an avid Beatles fan, I used to listen to interviews – partly because I love the band and their music and also because I like to piece together what made them the international world changing success that they were.

I remember one such interview in which John Lennon spoke of his introduction to Paul McCartney.

“Paul was good as and, in some ways, better than me. I had to make a decision whether to invite him into the band. To make me stronger and the leader or make the band stronger.”

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Do You Have the Entrepreneurs Mindset?

Posted by Phil Murray 02 August 2019 10:56 AM

Ever wondered what an entrepreneur is, and if you are one?

If I asked you to name an inspirational entrepreneur what would your answer be?

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Running a Business - Should You Really Have Do It on Your Own?

Posted by Phil Murray 19 July 2019 10:03 AM

Do you have the right people working for you?

Are you making the most of EVERY resource at your disposal?

Do you wake up every morning eager to see what challenges and opportunities can present themselves to you?

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The Executive Summary - The First and Sometimes the Only Thing an Investor Will Read.

Posted by Phil Murray 05 July 2019 09:34 AM

A client of mine recently shuddered when I mentioned that he needed an Executive Summary.

When I asked what was wrong? He said, rather embarrassed:

“I don’t know what one is. Sounds a bit technical and is it really necessary?”

This client had developed a new type of smoothie that he wanted to bring to market in Newcastle upon Tyne but needed significant investment. He had a wealth of impressive experience in creating recipes for the most amazing drinks but little to no idea of how to transform that into a money-making venture.

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Better Business Finances Masterclass!

Posted by Phil Murray 05 July 2019 08:25 AM

We are delighted to announce that NBSL have approached us to offer a finance masterclass for Durham based business owners. We are really looking forward to running these sessions and wanted to share a little more about what you can expect...

The Better Business Finance masterclasses will help business owners take control of their finances by providing them with a range of tools and skills to ultimately strengthening their understanding of the numbers in their business. There are no two ways about it, we have to make the numbers work and financial mastery is essential for decision makers/managers in business.

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Why You Absolutely NEED a Business Plan.

Posted by Phil Murray 21 June 2019 09:08 AM

It’s business 101 isn’t it?

If you have a business then you need a business plan.

  • But why?
  • Surely you know what your business does.
  • A simple cashflow forecast will do, wont it?
  • After all, business is all about money anyway.
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Unleash Your Inner Mind Reader and Become Your Customers Best Friend.

Posted by Phil Murray 07 June 2019 10:53 AM

What do you look for in order for you to connect with a company?

For me, it’s synergy.

I want to know that the company understands how I feel and are there for me to provide a solution to my problem.

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How Your Sales Copy Can Have Clients Falling Over Themselves to Buy Your Products.

Posted by Phil Murray 24 May 2019 08:42 AM

You Have an awesome ad title (If not, check out our last blog).

Now for the content. Answer these questions:

  • Are you a professional Writer?
  • Do you hold a Masters Degree in Creative writing?

If you answered ‘NO’ to both of those questions then congratulations, you are amazingly well placed to write awesome sales copy today!

Semi Professional writers can often fall into the trap of trying to be too poetic and concentrate on producing prose that wouldn’t look out of place, scrambling for attention in a D. H. Lawrence appreciation society.

In our last blog, I asked you to speak to a potential client about your product or service. Your aim was to inspire them to put on hold all their other mental processes just so they could listen to the wonder that is you.

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The Awesome Power of an Advertising Headline

Posted by Phil Murray 10 May 2019 10:07 AM

You’ll hear it said that no one will ever be as interested in your product or service than you.

Well, that is true… until it isn’t.

Have you gone mad? I hear you shout.

No one should KNOW more about what you provide than you but your clients should display an overabundance of:

  • Interest
  • Excitement
  • Passion

Your aim is to write copy that has your potential clients falling over themselves to get their hands on what you have to offer.

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How the Right Keywords Can Make or Break a PPC Campaign.

Posted by Phil Murray 26 April 2019 09:58 AM

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

This blog follows on from our previous one, in which we talked about exactly how to get the best keywords to describe your business (Among some other handpicked juicy nuggets).

Check it out here if you missed it.

Let’s dive right in with part B.

You now have a list of keywords that’s longer than an inventory of Oliver Twists’ favourite foods.  

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