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Posted by Glyn Davison 03 September 2014 11:31 AM

Businesses that seek external advice and information are 14% more ambitious and 50% more successful than those that do not (BIS 2010).

I’ve met hundreds of small business owners during my career and there’s one thing that they have all shared - a strong desire to progress their business sometimes at all costs. The problem is that desire just isn't enough to grow a successful business - you need so much more. As an accountancy practice we do have an ideal insight into how different businesses work and it’s this that gives us an opportunity to engage with clients to share the good, the bad and the ugly. The challenge has always been that the clients we see are only a small percentage of all the businesses out there.

If only someone would collate all the best ideas, practices, systems and all the other stuff that actually works in todays most successful businesses and agree to share them!!!

It’s my view that the Growth Accelerator programme has a real opportunity to deliver on this - if you haven't heard about it then read on….

GrowthAccelerator’s network of specialists draws on growth experts from the private sector and leaders of high-growth, small and medium businesses. You’ll work with a Growth Manager to develop your growth plan, who will then be with you throughout your involvement with GrowthAccelerator. The Growth Managers all have commercial business backgrounds, with many having also run their own businesses. So what’s the process?

1. Identifying your priorities for growth

One of the Growth Managers will invite you and your senior team to complete GROWTHmapper™, the specialist interactive assessment tool. They’ll then meet with you in your business to discuss your GROWTHmapper™ results and your ambitions, opportunities and capacity for growth in more detail. Your Growth Manager will use this discussion to identify the main barriers holding your business back from further growth and to start building your tailored growth plan.

2. Developing your growth plan

The growth plan your Growth Manager proposes will be completely bespoke. It will outline the challenges your business faces and how GrowthAccelerator can offer support. It will typically focus on one of three areas: Access to Finance, Business Development or Growth through Innovation.

You'll also have exclusive access of up to £2,000 match funding for your senior managers to hone their Leadership and Management skills, getting your team in the best possible shape to drive your business forward.

3. Beginning your drive for rapid business growth.

Once your growth plan is agreed, your Growth Manager, in collaboration with you, will select and appoint a Growth Coach matched to your business against attributes including experience, skills and personality. All Growth Coaches have proven track records in helping small and medium sized companies accelerate and sustain their growth, across every size of business, region and sector. Your Growth Coach will act as an advocate and catalyst for change. They will clarify and challenge the status quo, empower your business to reinvent its future and open up new pathways and possibilities.

I have been a registered and approved growth coach since January 2013 and following the successful completion of a number of engagements we can now clearly identify common barriers to growth. We can also understand the plans and actions taken by each business to overcome them - in time this information increases in value - if we can help people choose actions that we are aware are more successful their chances of growth increase. It’s actually not rocket science!

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