Five key things that business owners can learn from the Super Bowl

Posted by Phil Murray 01 February 2018 10:45 am

Super Bowl weekend is upon us and the game is estimated to be watched by a massive global audience of well over 100 million people. The NFL season draws to a close with this spectacular event that is known for the half time show, the commercials and the cheerleaders as much as the game. This is USA at its loudest and proudest. But, beneath all the NFL has to offer, there are some lessons to be learned from the winning team this weekend. Here is our guide to the five key things that business owners can learn from the Super Bowl –

5 – Sign the key playersSuper_Bowl_LII_logo.png

In American football, the quarterback is the key person in the team. Once a side gets a quality quarterback, then they are always in the game. These players win the Most Valuable Player award time and time again. This is how you need to view your business. Think about what positions are crucial to your success. These may be internal, or parts of the business where you use another company for support. This is where Harlands are different from other accountants. We do far more than just count your money and save you tax. When recruiting, look at the key positions in your business. You may need to look harder and pay more to fill these positions with quality, but the results will be well worth it.

4 – Winning teams have faith in their people

This goes hand in hand with number 5 on our list of the five key things that business owners can learn from the Super Bowl today. The teams that are regularly successful at the Super Bowl have owners that don’t micro manage their teams. If you choose the right people, and train them effectively, then there is no need to look over their shoulder at every move they make. Let them go out there, use their ability and deliver success to your organization. This is the same for companies as it is for sports teams. Letting people make decisions and take risks is all part of building a better business for the future.


3 – Change is a good thing 

In American football, as with most sports, a team needs to change on a regular basis. You will only get a few years of peak performance out of an athlete before you need to look at their replacement. In business, it isn’t always staff that prompt you to manage change. Your industry, the regulations or the financial climate can often lead a change that you have to successfully manage. That’s why at Harlands we work on how to build your business for the future as well as looking at how it is performing in the here and now. We help you to plan – and put aside for what might lie ahead. You can’t predict what is around the corner, but you can have a robust business that is prepared to deal with the unexpected.

2 – Consistency is key lionskickers.0.gif

To win the Super Bowl, you have to be the best team over the course of a season. This takes consistency. A few too many losses and you don’t even make the playoffs, and be in the mix for the title. Although a few losses won’t mean you have to wait another year to compete, consistency is absolutely crucial to building a successful business. This is true of companies of all kinds across the world. Getting it right time after time builds loyalty from your existing customers and also prompts them to talk about what you deliver to others. This, in turn, opens doors for you to grow your business. Don’t underestimate the value of getting it right first time, every time.

1 – Fight complacency 

Once you feel like you have it all made, that’s when things start to fall apart around you. We’re not saying that all Super Bowl winning teams are paranoid, but they know that the next failure is probably quite close. The quote, “The greatest enemy of future success is past success,” is used a lot in sports. And it is true for business too.

Seth Godin talks about waiting until it is too late to act. And if you think that you have it all, then you stop looking at the market. You stop looking for new solutions. In business, this can be fatal. Think about how you can always do better for your customers every day and see the results.

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